Wednesday, August 26, 2009

poyo ke aku ni?

Last weekend, my uncles, cousins and, myself had a discussion about how we Malays currently function. It started out with my uncle telling us that a teacher in V.I. told him that there are groups of "blur" kids. These kids aren't really blur; they just behave as if they are ignorant and unaware in order to look "cool".

This piece of information got us all talking. I told my uncle that it seems apparent to me that to many Malays, speaking up in class and answering questions that lecturers ask is a habit that is considered "poyo" or lame. Kids who practise this are usually labelled as teacher's pets and the act itself is considered ass-kissing. We also discussed how speaking English is negatively accepted by many Malay students. We talked about how when some of us speak English to our friends, they call us show-offs and say we're people who "belagak bagus sangat sebab boleh cakap English".

Honestly, i find it a shame how much truth there were in the things i said that day. How can anybody think that speaking up in class is lame? Does it not help you understand better in class? For me, asking and answering questions in class ensures that the information i've been fed are understood and clarified. Speaking up in class shouldn't have a negative connotation. It should be positive through and through. And since when did speaking English become something people do to show off? Being able to speak the language gives you, as a person, an added advantage, especially in the future when you want to look for jobs. Speaking it now, is a form of practice. Practicing now means you'll be more fluent later. English is an extra and it is now on high-demand. If you feel speaking English is uncool or lame or whatever else, well, that's your bad.

Truthfully, if speaking up in class and conversing in English makes me "poyo" and not doing these things makes me "cool", I would much rather be poyo, thank you very much.

I'm happy in this boat.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


wahai UIAM,
apa motif anda block facebook dan YM?
apa yang anda dapat bila and block us from viewing comments on blogspot?
tactic apa sebenarnya ni?

really, if you're gonna block out practically EVERYTHING and make the connection so ridiculously useless to the point that i keep getting "data interuptions" every few minutes, why offer free WiFi AT ALL?

you might as well NOT have it, kan?

nak buat assignment pun susah.
seriously, i don't see why

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy birthday, handsome!
hope you'll have wonderful years ahead of you :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

it's nice to see old friends again

Friday, August 7, 2009


i wish you would stop going through your life in a daze, half-drunk.
i wish you would open your eyes and see what your eyes cannot when you're half-drunk.
i wish you would choose to be aware, to be wise in making choices instead of making them half-drunk.

why do you ruin yourself?
why do you choose to vent your anger on you instead of him?

i hate you when you're half drunk.
i wonder now...will i be able to remember how much i love you if i were to see you half-drunk again?

a thought that came to me when reading someone else's blog

so the question was: what's the possibility for a really hot chic to fall for a very boring not cute at all guy?

why does a guy have to be cute to be fallen for? (asal grammar cam salah?)

same goes to girls, takkan cantik baru a cute guy can like, right?

there's more to people than their looks. we might think good looking girls are shallow and won't go for mediocre not-at-all-outstanding men but good looking girls aren't necessarily shallow and not-at-all-outstanding men aren't necessarily uninteresting, right? i guess this applies vice versa?

i soooo hope i'm right

Monday, August 3, 2009

and this is why i hate UIA

UIA has officially blocked facebook!!!!
terima kasih banyak-banyak

Sunday, August 2, 2009

when friends say things that help you heal

dib: i doa you dapat a better guy, fatin.
amir: ye, i pun doa untuk you
me: that's so sweet :) doa hari-hari tau. doa banyak-banyak
dib: i doa betul-betul. nanti i doakan banyak-banyak so that you get someone better

...i pun doa jugak. i hope God's listening

happy anniversary!!!

happy anniversary mama and abah.

Hope you have 26 fantastic years more :)


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