Wednesday, December 21, 2011

say what you will. we still feel like winners

My years as an undergraduate have finally ended. So, on to our next adventure!

p/s: Kinda sad that I didn't manage to get a photo with the three people who were most often there for me during my last two years of struggle. I love you guys, Wani, Nadal and Hazeman. And congratulations to us all :)

Step 1


Photo by Illya Noris

Wani Gets Hitched - 11.11.11

And so she finds her happily ever after, with a man who's always been there.
May you both find joy in your union, and may it always be blessed :)

 Akad Nikah

Khatam Al-Qur'an

She's engaged!!!

Okay, so this, and the next few posts are a little backdated, but it's okay. Better late than never, no?

My darling Nadal got engaged with Meme last September. The ceremony was simple and tasteful. Here are a few photos from the engagement and the photoshoot after.

Congratulations dearie :) Can't wait for your big day!


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