Monday, June 29, 2009

it's finger-licking good!

Nothing reminds me how great it is to be Malaysian lika a big plate of durian served with pulut and milk (plus a pinch of salt).

I am eternally happy :)

Another day has gone,

I'm still all alone,

How could it be,

That you're not here with me?

May Allah bless your soul, always.

my balancing act

My hands have been rather full lately.

Because we're moving, i'm trying to squeeze in as much work as possible in the kindy before i leave for the land of no return so that I can be free later on to do other things and won't have to come back too often because that's just cumbersome. I've also been trying to pack up everything but I haven't been so into it. Right now the house looks like a tongkang pecah. Now I also have some chores to do, things to buy, money to bank in, fees to pay, and a wedding to partially plan with my cousins. And all my friends are back so I have to find some time to spend with them.

I'm suffocating.

I still want to paint my room, something to look forward to.
I will have to finish packing TODAY, or latest tomorrow morning.
I will have to plan a sleepover or something before I leave for college so I get to see my people before they leave again.

I can't breathe

We'll do something together guys, we have to. I promise I'll make time.


Friday, June 26, 2009

3 signs that you're far too ignorant for it to be acceptable:

1. you know about latest news through other people's conversation about what was in the papers that day.

2. you find out that your prime minister stepped down and that a new prime minister was appointed TWO DAYS after all the buzz.

3. you found out that pop star Micheal Jackson died through someone else's facebook shoutout

conclusion: it's about time you started paying more attention to the world around you, Fatin, really.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

saya anak Melayu, dan anda?

my conversation with one of my 3 year old students:

Me: nama apa?


Me: what's your name?

Alyff: Alyff!

(okay...takkan tak faham bahasa Melayu kot budak ni)

Me: Alyff berapa tahun?


Me: How old are you Alyff?

Alyff: I'm 3 years old!!! (while showing me three fingers)

Me: tak faham bahasa Melayu ke?


Lucky he's cute.
See abah? I'm not so bad after all...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

murni punya pasal, apa-apa pun boley

the "dragon" pizza (can you see the "dragon-ness"?)

my favourite: loh shee fan

"who's afraid of Farabi?"

This was perhaps one of the smartest scripts ever written in this institution for a while now. The entire play was dripping with facts, and perhaps some personal thoughts of the writer too. Loaded also with good humour, i found myself laughing out loud one too many times.

But as is expected of any play, some of the scenes had to be draggy to get the point across...and at times, there was too much to decipher and disect.

But perhaps, it was also a good script with a not-so-great delivery?

higher than a mind can hope and a heart can dream

gambar-gambar saya tiada nilai artistic.
sila jangan cuba cari kerana memang takkan jumpa.

i have made my mistakes,

but i believe that i'm a better person today because of them.
have i not made them to learn from them?

aku sakit kepala la

kau rasa, boleh tak kalau kau berhenti bercakap?
sebab benda yang kau cakap tak bawak kebaikan pun kat aku dan kat kau.
aku makin sakit hati, adalah.
dan aku dah lama tak sakit hati macam ni so aku pun belum pasti lagi apa yang mungkin jadi kalau kau tambah lagi rasa sakit hati aku ni.

aku lupa macam mana nak jadi orang gasar yang tak beradab...aku harap kau takkan ingatkan aku.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

lets face it

this movie is gonna suck

Monday, June 1, 2009

of bunga telor and bally shoes

saya AJK bunga telor

:) cam best je


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