Monday, June 29, 2009

my balancing act

My hands have been rather full lately.

Because we're moving, i'm trying to squeeze in as much work as possible in the kindy before i leave for the land of no return so that I can be free later on to do other things and won't have to come back too often because that's just cumbersome. I've also been trying to pack up everything but I haven't been so into it. Right now the house looks like a tongkang pecah. Now I also have some chores to do, things to buy, money to bank in, fees to pay, and a wedding to partially plan with my cousins. And all my friends are back so I have to find some time to spend with them.

I'm suffocating.

I still want to paint my room, something to look forward to.
I will have to finish packing TODAY, or latest tomorrow morning.
I will have to plan a sleepover or something before I leave for college so I get to see my people before they leave again.

I can't breathe

We'll do something together guys, we have to. I promise I'll make time.



Farah Razif said...

Not ALL! :|

african goddess said...

almost all...and you'll be back soon.
we'll go skating :)


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