Monday, April 27, 2009

thank you dear friend for this piece of advice that i shall not forget

"Bila kau memandang segalanya dari Tuhan mu, yang mencipta segalanya, yang menimpakan ujian, yang menjadikan sakit hatimu, yang membuatkan keinginan mu terhalang, serta menyusahkan hidupmu, pasti akan damailah hatimu kerana masakan Allah sengaja mentakdirkan segalanya untuk sesuatu yang sia-sia. Bukan Dia tak tahu deritanya hidupmu, retaknya hatimu; tapi mungkin itulah yang Dia mahu kerana Dia tahu hati sebeginilah yang selalunya lebih lunak dan mudah untuk dekat dan akrab denganNya."

May Allah bless you always too

being grateful

I have taken note that lately, many of those I love around me are finding it hard to appreciate what they have. One too many times, I’ve heard the “I’m tired of doing what I’m doing now. I just can’t be passionate about this anymore. I don’t know how I’m going to make this a career,” speech from several different people. It seems that currently, a lot of people are contemplating their future and seeing a bleak one instead of a bright and sunny one—no positivity whatsoever (and I thought I was the pessimist).

I have only one thing to say to these people: find a reason to be grateful. It honestly is the best, the fastest of all solutions. I don’t mean to say that my life now is perfect. I admit that it is far from it, but I AM happy to be where I am today. True, I have tonnes of ambitions that I have yet to achieve, but I see myself getting exactly what I want in the future because I simply, believe (as Raja and Tasnim would so plainly put it). A series of coincidences (or maybe they were choices) made me who I am today, and I am truly grateful for everything that I have.

1. I am a student, albeit not a high-scoring one, of linguistics. I enjoy my classes and enjoy learning new things and meeting new people. Naturally, there are parts of being a university student that I am not too keen about but that’s part and parcel of life. You can’t possibly have it all.

2. I am a daughter of loving and caring parents and I have heroes whom I can look up to living under the same roof as me. On one side I have the temporarily “crippled?” (for a lack of better words) father who is never weak enough to not offer me advice, and on the other is the super-woman mother who is strong in more ways than one. I have a sister I can look up to and brothers who are loving and protective over me.

3. I am an employee of a fun-loving woman who has now become more than just a boss to me. She is somebody I can look up to and confide in during times of hardship, a reliable shoulder and a fantastic “older” friend who is always young at heart but is also a mother-figure.

4. I am a colleague to people I can love and whose company I enjoy endlessly. People with whom I can talk to and seek boy-advice from because they’ve “been there, done that” and whom I can trust to always be honest and constructively critical towards me in my work.

5. I am a friend to few (but an acquaintance to most). The few whom I keep close to my heart at all times regardless how far they are in distance. People I trust to make me laugh when I am down and out and people who will always be there for me, those who can hold me when I cry, can take my sudden burst of anger or excessive emotion, and just thoroughly gets me.

When I find myself thinking that what I have is not what I want, it is these 5 things that keep me going—these and my ambitions. These things keep me grounded and grateful to God for everything with which He has granted me. It makes me remember to never be too proud of myself and what I have achieved, and always reminds me of who I am inside and where I come from. My ambitions keep me humble (as humble as I could possibly be which is really not THAT humble pun) because I know that I still have things I need to achieve and also gets me excited, to live and to have a life of my own instead of mongering on others’.

My parents made it a point (I think) to teach us how to be independent (not in the way that I go out whenever I want and all, just in a way that I don’t rely on them or other people when it’s not absolutely necessary), and having self-dependence has proven good for me and my personal growth. I feel (note the word feel, I’m not sure how true my feelings are) that I have grown beyond my age, farther then I should have by the age of 21 and I can only be thankful to them for this. I could not have asked for a better gift besides the gift of life.

Thank you Mama and Abah for the lesson of a lifetime.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


i've been feeling a tad bit lost, and sometimes empty.
keeping my fingers crossed (or crescent-ed), hopefully i've been making good decisions

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tentalize your tastebuds (TASTEBUDS!!!!! nape kite tak fikir nak letak nama ni, abah?)

Yesterday (monday, 20th April), my mother's company, Sri Talamaz, opened their first cafe in Sunway Medical Centre (SMC). Sales began at around 8 am and we generated a lot of customers from amongst the staff and visitors because we were convenient and, not to mention, new. We had a soft opening at tea time during which we invited doctors to come eat at our cafe for free (makin lah ramai orang sebab seperti biasa, orang Malaysia memang mudah teruja bila mendengar perkataan "FREE" ni) and I guess it can be considered as a successful day despite the few hiccups (the coffee machine wasn't working and the cash register was going so beserk it made my cousin who was the cashier cry).

BTW, the point is, i just wanted to congratulate my mom and her company and tell the world how proud I am of her success...I can only hope to be as great one day.

So, after all's said and done, go la and test my mama punya cafe kat SMC tu!!! It's on the second floor in the East Wing :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

mommy's making it BIG!

we've been on Majalah 3.
recently we were featured on Wanita Hari Ini.
and now...she's been invited to speak on Respons on RTM!

they've launched their official website.
please check them out at

Sunday, April 5, 2009

finals dah start.
blog temporarily on hiatus

Thursday, April 2, 2009

tale and time

I' ve recently spent some time watching movies in the cinema (i tak bayar, Abah. orang lain bayarkan) and feel the need to review them because some are clearly insignificantly more overrated than others and I just couldn't fathom why. Some movies I didn't even know was showing made a greater impression on me than the movie that was raved about and was overly publicised.

So, let us save the best for last and begin with the worst, shall we?

Confessions of a shopaholic:

What can i say besides that it was by far the biggest disappointment I've had to deal with when it comes to movies since "Twilight". I'm always a natural skeptic when it comes to book adaptations but hearing that it was made by the same people who produced "The Devil Wears Prada" which was a relatively good book adaptation, i guess i expected more "pizzazz" and glamour from this movie. How wrong i was to expect ANYTHING at all. Weak acting and unattractive dialogue wasn't even made up for with beautiful clothes. In fact, sorry to say, the clothes were shamefully TACKY and excessively gaudy. It was, truthfully, a waste of good money.


I had no idea this movie was even showing. We picked it on a whim and because we had no better choice. Besides, I've always known Liam Neeson as a fantastic actor. Categorized as action, the movie revolves around a broken family where the parents of a girl named Kim are divorced. Living with her mother, Kim doesn't have much of a relationship with her father (Liam) because he used to work with the government as a "preventer" as he so lightly explained to Kim. So Liam has little involvement in her life until one day, she is "Taken". i don't wanna spoil it so go watch it yourself. Action-packed and thoroughly impressive, this movie not only provides a good catharsis when you leave the cinema hall, it also provides you with family values and "educates" you a little about human trafficking and how to deal with kidnap situations (of course, this only applies if you know a highly trained assassin). Loads of fun to watch.

Talentime: Yasmin Ahmad has done it yet again. It's safe to say that she is ONE OF the most impressive Malay and Malaysian movie maker. Always with her controversial ideas, Yasmin chose to touch the issue of race and ethnicity in this movie with subtlety (but it will really hit you in the face if you pay attention). Never running from the natural situations in life, the script as can only be expected from this movie-making-genius is layered with 5 different languages: Malay, English, Tamil, Cantonese and sign; and also with sentences that could come only in everyday life. I was honestly surprisingly pleased to find that Jac did not sing in the movie. Not that i don't love her voice, I just think it wonderful that she was JUST acting, if you know what I mean. This movie aloso makes space for several new actors and actresses instead of using the same old faces (for example: Yusry, Erra Fazirah, Awal, Fasha Sandha and Farid Kamil). Watching this movie, you will also find yourself happy with the songs that were written especially for the movie--I have to say, Pete Teoh captured the feel beautifully and Aizat and Atilia did a wondorous job singing those songs. Heart-wrenching, funny and smart (as always), you will find yourself leaving thye cinema with a thousand questions in mind, and as she always does, Yasmin leaves us to think for ourselves. Definitely worth every damn penny.

p/s: I love you

-Not believe that I love you? You cannot pretend to be so incredulous. If you do not believe my tongue, consult my eyes, consult your own. You will find by yours that they have charms; by mine that I have a heart which feels them.

--But Love, almighty Love, seems in a moment to have removed me to a prodigious distance from every object but you alone. In the midst of the crowds I remain in solitude. Nothing but you can lay hold of my mind, and that can lay a hold of nothing but you. I appear transported to some foreign desert with you (oh, that I were really thus transported!), where, abundantly supplied with everything, in thee, I might live out an age of uninterrupted ecstasy.

William Congreve

Nothing on earth, madam, can charm, beyond your wit but your beauty: after this not to love you would proclaim me a fool; and to say I did when I thought otherwise would pronounce me a knave; if anybody called me either I should resent it; and if you but think me either I shall break my heart.

George Farquhar

What longing in tears for you – You – my Life – my All – farewell. Oh, go on loving me – never doubt the faith-fullest heart

Of your beloved


Ever thine.

Ever mine.

Ever ours.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Letters are so underrated in our current society.

I know I never will be able to write as beautifully as they have regardless of how much I love a person, but I think there’s so much more sensuality and meaning in a letter than an SMS or e-mail could ever carry: with a letter, all your senses work together when you touch the letter, holding it in your hand as you read it; feel the texture and weight of the paper and brush your finger against the indents made by a pen on paper, feeling the vigour or calmness in which the writer wrote it; you can smell the scent of the paper, catching with it a whiff of the surrounding in which the writer wrote you; and see the words, engraved on the sheet of paper, heavy in your hands as you read through the personalized script of every writer. There’s so much secret to it’s yours and for you to keep safe, away from prying eyes, for as long as you want to keep it yours and yours alone. There’s an excitement you feel when you find an envelope in your mail with your name on it and just know with your heart’s beating that it’s not another bill or financial statement; nothing professional, just something personal....

There’s nothing like receiving a letter.

I think I’m going to start writing some.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"why does fatin dress up over-over?"

let me tell you why:

1. i feel good when i'm well dressed

2. when i don't dress well, i feel depressed

3. dressing well means i'm always prepared for anything, such as a sudden need to go out or even meeting up lecturers and credible people. Looking unkempt and messy does nothing for making me look professional, smart, or attractive for that matter (not that i consider myself very attractive but i shouldn't add to my unattractiveness by dressing badly, should i?)

4. i believe although God said we're not to attract too much attention to ourselves, he also pointed out that we should always care for our appearance.

5. i like to dress up. i just DO. when i look forward to an occasion or meeting someone, or going somewhere, i do this freak-ish thing where i mentally try my outfits and imagine myself in what i wanna wear, top to bottom INCLUDING shoes (especially shoes). i like to look good cuz like i said, it makes me FEEL good, and nothing else should matter more about anything other than how I feel.

6. i've noted that on days that i don't dress properly, it's usually days that later turn out bad.

7. when i'm down and out but still make it a point to wake up and get dressed in nice clothes, nothing gives me a better self-esteem pickup than a compliment.

so, don't bother about how i dress if you can't give a damn about how you look in the mirror every morning before you leave your house, kay?


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