Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tentalize your tastebuds (TASTEBUDS!!!!! nape kite tak fikir nak letak nama ni, abah?)

Yesterday (monday, 20th April), my mother's company, Sri Talamaz, opened their first cafe in Sunway Medical Centre (SMC). Sales began at around 8 am and we generated a lot of customers from amongst the staff and visitors because we were convenient and, not to mention, new. We had a soft opening at tea time during which we invited doctors to come eat at our cafe for free (makin lah ramai orang sebab seperti biasa, orang Malaysia memang mudah teruja bila mendengar perkataan "FREE" ni) and I guess it can be considered as a successful day despite the few hiccups (the coffee machine wasn't working and the cash register was going so beserk it made my cousin who was the cashier cry).

BTW, the point is, i just wanted to congratulate my mom and her company and tell the world how proud I am of her success...I can only hope to be as great one day.

So, after all's said and done, go la and test my mama punya cafe kat SMC tu!!! It's on the second floor in the East Wing :)


Para Jamaludin said...

the third one..colorful sgt lah!!
mak suka nokk..!!

dan aku punya word verification neh gendewe..hahah! mcm org gemuk tgh berjalan dam!dam!dam!

si nisha said...

nampak mcm sgt sedap~


noriskandar said...

yea lah!!! berminggu minggu dok cari,..kenapa tak terpikir nama tu??

anyway, happy 21st birthday darling. Balik nanti boleh claim hadiah..

Hazwani said...

i'll definitely go there next time i teman dan pg hospital.

and yang,

do have a blast and i love ya!!

Malaywood said...

i am officially proud of your mummy! and happy birthday fatin izzati!!! love you, hate you, you will always be in my bloody life.

p/s : it was just yesterday, i was talking to my friend about my dream to see a big, massive malaysian restaurant as successful as NOBU, THE IVY, THE WOLSELEY , a fine dining malaysian restaurant in london that serves REAL , AUTHENTHIC kuih, ice kacang, from scratch, tebar roti canai, everything.WITHOUT ANY mix and match of western taste.

very very very proud of your mum and you.

you go girl!

african goddess said...

whoop-dee-doo :)
thanks for the birthday wishes to my darling father and lovely miss Wanie :)

YES!!! people, you should come!
memang sedap pun!

Annuar, it is our (the company's) dream to open one abroad. we shall look into it when we really grow :) then you can come eat there!

si nisha said...

happy belated birthday fatin!

sorry for the late wish, but still, i wish kn?


african goddess said...

thanks nisha! :)
ye ye.
terima kasih

caterina_912 said...

it all looks so wonderful and yummy!!
can't wait to go there and taste it for myself.. looking forward to it..

p/s: happy belated birthday fatin!! sorry for the late wish.. (^_^)

african goddess said...

thank you cat, both for the congratulatory wish and the birthday wish :)


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