Friday, April 8, 2011

aku. cinta. diam. (crush)

aku tak sedar
tapi aku sudah cinta kau
dalam diam.

aku tak sepatutnya
tapi aku sudah cinta kau
dalam diam.

aku tersenyumkan
kerana aku sudah cinta kau
dalam diam.

aku tertanyakan
apa ada cinta kau
walau dalam diam?

aku berharapkan
seluruh pahit kau
aku berjaya diamkan.

aku berhasratkan
cinta ini
yang kau tunggu dalam diam.

aku tertenungkan kau;
cinta aku,
membuat aku terdiam dari amarah.

aku bersengih
membaca bait bait cinta kau(yang bukan untuk aku)
aku melaku diam dan senyum.

segalanya aku diamkan.

cintakan kau juga bukan sengaja.
aku menegur kau,
sekadar hanya semata.

tapi kau bikin aku harap kau aku punya.
dan aku terharapkan.
tapi aku terdiamkan.
kerana aku cinta kau.


*My friend Lynn writes pretty poems in Malay and English. Some of them really spoke to me. This just happened to fit my current situation. To read more, visit here personal blog esumi-lynn's or her poetry group blog sejuta stanza selamba. Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've fallen in love with the intangible.

You sit there, alone,
By yourself,

You remain a mystery.

And yet,
You cause a hundred hearts to flip,
And millions of butterflies to fly
in the pits of the stomachs of those who swoon as they see you.

Just by sitting there, alone,
By yourself,

You. Remain. A. Mystery.

I'm sorry

for not always knowing what to say.

I hope you don't hate me every time I couldn't find the right words to say to make you smile.
I hope you can tell I don't mean the words I say when I'm being hurtful.
I hope my words never cause you heartbreak.

Forgive me.


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