Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"why does fatin dress up over-over?"

let me tell you why:

1. i feel good when i'm well dressed

2. when i don't dress well, i feel depressed

3. dressing well means i'm always prepared for anything, such as a sudden need to go out or even meeting up lecturers and credible people. Looking unkempt and messy does nothing for making me look professional, smart, or attractive for that matter (not that i consider myself very attractive but i shouldn't add to my unattractiveness by dressing badly, should i?)

4. i believe although God said we're not to attract too much attention to ourselves, he also pointed out that we should always care for our appearance.

5. i like to dress up. i just DO. when i look forward to an occasion or meeting someone, or going somewhere, i do this freak-ish thing where i mentally try my outfits and imagine myself in what i wanna wear, top to bottom INCLUDING shoes (especially shoes). i like to look good cuz like i said, it makes me FEEL good, and nothing else should matter more about anything other than how I feel.

6. i've noted that on days that i don't dress properly, it's usually days that later turn out bad.

7. when i'm down and out but still make it a point to wake up and get dressed in nice clothes, nothing gives me a better self-esteem pickup than a compliment.

so, don't bother about how i dress if you can't give a damn about how you look in the mirror every morning before you leave your house, kay?


Malaywood said...

i am behind you, 100 %

african goddess said...

thank you for your support annuar :)

si nisha said...

fatin always look good..

jgn la jeles~


african goddess said...

haha :)
thank you nisha!


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