Friday, November 14, 2008

bloody random

Okay…I have several things to talk about today:

First of all…I miss matriculation…and high school—when things were much simpler and everyone knew everybody else and there wasn’t much dispute. Everything was fun then. I miss it all so much. I miss Annuar. I enjoyed his company so much then. I miss my friends…everyone’s abroad. I’m glad most of them will be home soon.

The kindy concert is coming this Saturday. Everybody’s busy. We’re running around like mad women. The night of the concert we’re having a barbecue as a celebration and Sunday morning I’m going to watch
Madagascar. I love my boss. Today alone she took me to Starbucks twice. Working with her is so rewarding. She took me to Debenhams today. I actually found it very frustrating because NOTHING is in size 6. The smallest size is 8. That made my boss very happy though cuz she found clothes her size. But I was happy to find that the weight I gained didn’t make me grow one size larger.

My father is HOME!!!! :) I can’t say that it’ll be less stressful now. In fact, I can be assured that my life will get crazier since he’s home BUT I’m very happy to see him sitting in our couch. His bone didn’t reattach which means the doctors will have to wait another 2 months or so before they open his arm up and put in the titanium bones. Ofr now, he’ll have to keep wearing that metal thingy that’s jutting out of his arm. By the way, this reminds me of a favour I need—calling Tikky, Farah and Aaput: can you guys design a t-shirt with the writing ‘Mr. Titanium’ on it? (No offence to the others but they really are the more creative ones)

That’s all for now I guess…come home soon people. I’m dying here.

p/s: sally, my boss found out about the break-up. Haha. And she’s actually kinda cool to talk to about it.


Malaywood said...

OMG.youve got debenhams? and then Harrods? then what? Selfridges? john lewis? H&M ? god, london is so not special anymore.hehe.

safuraa razak said...

hello :) how r u? i'll try :)
miss u

Anonymous said...

told ya . ;)

african goddess said...

annuar: don't we already have selfridges? haha...not for the fashion, no. and not for the shopping either. but then we might still want it for the price.

aaput: thank you!!!! :) and i'm fine thanks

sally: yeah :) weirdly're right. and i'm glad you are


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