Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i had a history & civilization quiz today.
i was so obnoxious i left 20 minutes into the quiz.
it's supposed to be a one hour test.
i feel extremely cocky right now.

i've written down a list of things to do, or rather places to make my way to and the list should be completed by the end of my final year.
i plan to complete this list with random friends or alone, whenever i feel like it.
the list is as follows:

1. zoo negara
2. kalumpang waterfalls
3. cameron highlands
4. sunway lagoon ( they have 3 new parks! its now wet, dry, extreme, scream and wildlife)
5. ice skating
6. genting theme park
7. bukit tinggi
8. bukit frasier
9. the lost world of tambun
10. jonker street in melacca

anybody who's interested is more than welcome.
you know my number :)

my life really really really feels suck-ish right now
it's such a bad week


Farah Razif said...

I'll go with you to whichever one that doesn't involve a bukit! Sunway lagoon or ice skating can! Wait for me to come back ok! And 80 bucks is so cheappp bloody hell I'll sponsor 1 buck. Haha.

african goddess said...

okay :)
we'll go ice skating and sunway when you get back!

one buck?! i thought we were friends!


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