Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Black Magic Women


The fun-loving person that everybody loves so very much. I have no idea what spell she puts on people but that's exactly what she does. An hour in her company and you're enchanted, a day and she'll have you wrapped around her fingers if that's what she wants. You can't detect what she's doing, when she's doing it, or even how she does it but she gets exactly what she wants, always.

The girl who does it all without breaking a sweat. Throw anything at her and i can guarantee you that she'll hit a home run. She can do anything and everything, you better not doubt that. her strong personality easily overshadows those around her and she can't help but to do everything so perfectly, it annoys you. She's special in more ways than one, quirky as ever and extreme in her ways. the woman who's loved and hated by all.

Drill, Saiha, Raja, Tasnim, Shiera, Farah, Sally and Tikky:
You have no idea what you do ar even talk about when you're with them. All you know is that when you go home, you realize that you had and excessive amount of fun and when you're without them, you miss them endlessly.



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