Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Farah,

Let me introduce you to Sungai Gombak (the sungai that flows through my campus).

This is the river:

As you can clearly see, the water is discoloured (kinda like teh tarik don't you think?)

If you look really closely into this picture (zoom in), you will be able to see the luminous pink lipped fish that breathe on the surface of the water.

This (the black patch) is actually a school of striped fish. they are luminous too but they don't have pink lips and don't breathe with their heads on thye surface.

I have failed to get pictures of flamingos and komodo dragons (biawak) , my apologies.

so, you still wanna jump?


Farah Razif said...

I'll blog about my ideal river next. Haha.
And I'm glad you didn't get the biawaks! *shudders

african goddess said...

hehe :)
i just really hate the fish je


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