Thursday, March 26, 2009

shut UP!

You know, here's a thought: instead of spending all your time talking to people about other people, why not talk about YOURSELF?

I've realized that a lot of people around me seem to think it fun to gossip and discuss the problems and/or events in other people's lives. Don't you have your own, seriously?

I mean, honestly, how is it YOUR problem what i said to that guy or who i like or how far I've gone with my boyfriend. My PARENTS aren't as busy-body as you guys--and they actually have the right to know! Really, how is it FUN to be gossip-mongers? If i tell you a small detail about what I'm going through, that does NOT mean that I'm allowing you to tell the world!!! GOD! Get a life of your own.

BACK OFF for 5 minutes and go live instead.



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