Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bila Clan Merican menyerang

Last weekend, my family (as in the whole load of Mericans minus few) and I made our way to Pasir Hor, Kota Bharu, Kelantan sebab nak pegi meminang (Farah, i believe you now know this word now, right?) anak orang. It was a rollercoaster ride in more ways than 10.

9 hours on the road
and when we finally made it there that fateful Friday at around 1 a.m., we decided to go to Wakaf Che Yeh as if we weren't tired. Unluckily for us, they were closed so we had to look for fruits for the hantaran elsewhere sebab buah yang kitorang bawak dah rosak and busuk. That night, we also found out that THE CAKE which was also for the hantaran had landslides in it due to the rough and heaty journey. Therefore, i had to call my trusty but not there tour guide to find out where we might find a cake to replace the landslide-y one. Mr. Ridzuan told us the location so we went scouting that night so that it would be easier for us to find the shop the next day. But WAIT! The deal does NOT end there! (sila baca dalam nada SmartShop menjual barangan di TV) Walaupun kami yang pergi berjalan tengah-tengah malam ini telah pun makan, kami membuat keputusan untuk makan LAGI (seperti biasa, kami memang tak pernah kenyang). Dan the roti canai that we god, it was perfect.

the landslide-y cake and the lesu-ed, lebam-ed, lecur-ed fruits

Keesokan harinya, we sent the future husband out with his father and mother and one of our aunts to find a cake to replace the landslide-y one after a breakfast of nasi putih dengan kuah apa ntah tak tahu plus ayam goreng yang sangat lah sedap (orang kelantan memang makan nasi dengan banyaknye seharian) And so...this cake story is very long so i won't elaborate. In short, we found a plain cheesecake dan telah mengamanahkan my mom to make it pretty. We loved the results, definitely :)

the new and improved cake and fruits
After some MORE drama that involved some crying on my part (silly,silly girl) we went to pinang the very pretty Anis in high hopes that she'd make a good addition to our excessively loud, boisterous and psychotic (in a good way) family. The whole thing went fairly well (especially because they served us really good nasi dagang) and though it included some teasing, shy giggles and the usual "konon-konon malu" stuff, it ended with a set date for the akad (see, this is a BIG deal because he's the first cousin to be married). That night we went to Wakaf Che Yeh after an Okay-rated dinner and I tagged along as my mommy borong-ed tudung bawal and jersey tiruan.

the rombongan

Sunday morning started early as my mommy apeared on TV :) on a 6 a.m. show (who the hell watches this show?) and after we were all ready, Anis and family joined our chaotic one for a breakfast of the-ever-blue nasi kerabu AND MORE nasi dagang (YUMMY!) plus roti bakar. I am not proud to say this but I found heaven when the waiter brought out a huge bowl FILLED with telur long it has been since I've had one of those (sorry to disappoint guys, this is my only fault when it comes to endangered species) and due to my excitement, i knocked over my glass of iced tea and it fell onto the table and spilled onto my lap but still i sat there smiling, wet from the waist down, devouring my turtle egg. and after i changed (which i performed in the car with my brother standing guard) into not-so-clean-but-definitely-dry-clothes (which were my long sleeved kinda tight t-shirt and my brothers jeans which made me look like a rapstar or more a confused pengkid in tudung) we made our way to Pasar Siti Khadijah and there, i witnessed what it really means when they say "BORONG". By God, mothers can really BUY! I bet the shop owners were getting a headache although they were secretly pleased. I mean, my mom alone spent 800++ in ONE SHOP!

para wanita yang teruja memilih kain macam orang tak pernah nampak kain

Anis yang konon-konon bahagia padahal dah penat dan pening melayang kerenah kitorang

Sebab ada some time constraints, there were several places we didn't get to go, food we didn't get to eat (itu sebenarnya) but we HOPE that when we go there for the wedding in October, we'll have a little more coordination and less drama so we can spend more quality time on SIYUPER (bak kata Nana) food :)

We FINALLY reached KL at approximately 11.30 pm, which technically made it a 10 hour trip.



trixie said...

my grandmama says that whenever i go back, kalah perempuan mengandung mengidam. semua benda kalau boleh nak makan. damn, rasa macam nak balik kampung.

african goddess said...

sedap kan food in kelantan?
aiyoo....kalau banyak masa la masa tu...
I didn't evn get my COCONUT SHAKE!!!!!

anisah shurfa said...

Oh Kelantan, kampungku! Wow, sounds like you had a lot of fun there, eh?

I LOVE Kelantanese food (minus telur penyu... how could you!! :P). Did you try the laksa? Sedap giler.

And you as a pengkid in tudung? Apasal tak ambik gambar? :P Heheh!

african goddess said...

and i plan to have MORE fun next time i go there :)

i couldn't help the telur penyu thing...i'm ashamed of it too. i didn't get the chance to makan laksa kelantan :(

haha...i did get a pic tapi tak full, just waist up.


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