Monday, May 25, 2009

a love that lasts a lifetime: my tribute to an exceptional woman

my hero

In spite of all the articles, verse and arguments I've read and heard for as long as I have lived, I still could never fully admit that men are stronger or more capable than women. I have been proven right countless of times without fail. This article is a tribute to two woman who has, time and time again, proven worthy of high expectations and respect so to those who despise when women are put in a higher position than men, please stop reading this post right about now.

Of all the women I have known in my lifetime, my mom is by far the one I look up to most. I know that many will say quite simply that it's only natural for me to say that as I am her daughter and what daughter isn't proud of her mother, but she truly is deserving. My mother is the type of woman who works hard to provide for her family, ensure that everybody is well taken care of and is happy. Never once have I seen her put herself before any of us, only rejecting our requests when it is necessary or when what is asked is ludicrous and uncalled for. I owe to her my life. She has taught me many things that I have seen other mothers fail to do. She taught me to respect, to be independent and to work hard and earn deserving pay instead of only asking for cash. She taught me that nothing comes by easily and at some point during my childhood, she taught me to be strong as a woman and to fight for things that are rightfully mine. Through her experiences, I learned that when things are not easy, i should never give up. I believe in my own capabilities and have a greater self-esteem today thanks to her. She never directly said to my face to chase my dreams but by never undermining them, she told me that I could be anything and anybody that I aspire to be and that who I become in the future is of my own making.

She has provided me with more than I could possibly hope for and until today is still teaching me without fail. She is the best a girl could ask for and I honestly have never wished for more than what she is. No material goods or pools of money could replace her.

She is my million dollar gem and I'm a millionaire because of her.



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