Wednesday, July 22, 2009

only ones?

if she can stay faithful to him in while she's in Malaysia,
why can't he keep himself from humping that chick in Amsterdam?

If she could refrain from treating any man special while he was away,
what justifies the fact that he slept with someone else while he was studying in Australia?

Why couldn't he keep his hands off other girls in his PJ campus while she refused all invitations to go out with the guys on her campus?

Why can't the guy in KL wait to go back to his girlfriend in Penang instead of taking a second girlfriend in KL?

What makes it okay for him to be with some other girl while she waits for him to be available?

When did faithfulness become a concept instead of a practice?


Max J. Potter said... what do you expect?


i'm just..biased.


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