Sunday, October 25, 2009

excited? tak de lah. tak excited pun...tak excited langsung (dengan nada macho)

Last Friday, my brothers and I along with my aunts and cousins took a flight to Kelantan. It was the first time for my 19 year old brother Hadi. When i asked him if he was excited about flying for the first time, he answered "tak excited pun..ntah, macam...tak rasa" (we just checked in at this time and have yet to board the plane).

Here are some of the things he did to ensure that everybody knows he was NOT excited about the first time he flies:

1. be sure to keep your cool and walk as calmly as possible while heading to your seat

2. argue with your sister about the sitting by the window

3. note and exclaim in awe about little details such as how the water on the wing of the plane dried quickly as it was taking off.

4. say "alamak, tak best la stewardess tak cantik" as you take your seat

5. whine about the fact that there was no turbulance throughout the flight as it would have been "cool" to have felt it.

6. ask the people at the end of your row to ask the stewardess about how high the flight ascended and get disappointed when the person refuses.

7. say "COOL!" loudly when the pilot announces that the plane is about to land and the flight's 'landing kit' is released.

8. slap a huge smile on your face when the plane lands a little roughly and you feel the bump.

9. take as many pictures as possible while on the plane.

10. complain about getting a seat too far up front that your view on the plane's wing is not picturesqe enough.

p/s: i love you, dude. even if your lame self couldn't keep your excitement to yourself long enough :)


Luna said...

hahaha! he's cute lah! XD

african goddess said...

heh :)
in a way...yeah :)


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