Monday, October 12, 2009

"Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!"

Question: Why should I stop watching cartoons?

My father has always been on my case about my preferance for cartoons. Several times, he threatened (jokingly) to unsubscribe to the 'fun package' on Astro and replace it with some other package. I always act cool and calm about it but the truth is, I secretly panic EVREY SINGLE TIME. I can understand his worries, in some aspects. I mean, here is a 21 year old girl, not bothering to read papers, watches tv all the time and prefers Disney Channel to HBO or National Geographic. But honestly, can I be BLAMED? HBO plays the same movies over and over and over! And is it MY FAULT the comentaries on National Geographic (despite it being educational and informative) are sooooooo slllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwww and drrrrrrraaaagggggggggyyyyyyyy?

Face it, Disney Channel is FUN, even for THIS 21 year old. I get it if people think I should grow up, be serious, get REAL. But to them, I say this: give Disney a chance. If you paid attention to the content, instead of the fact that it's cartoon, you'll begin to see the WHY behind my love for it. It's so full of belief, possibilities, and hope (and we can never get enough of that).

Take some time to dive into those cartoons. They're more than just graphics. As an example, watch Phineas & Ferb (they're my fave). I know most people think it's a crazy cartoon, but, think about it. What does it teach you? For me, it sends out the message "carpe diem". Those boys seize everyday of their summer and take it as a chance to try something new. They also teach you to never underestimate people, and to believe that if you work really hard, you can achieve whatever your ambitions may be. Now, aren't those values and beliefs you want your children to live life having?

C'mon! I swear to God, the cartoons on Disney Channel are better than our silly, thoughtless and cliché dramas and watching them is a GAZILLION TIMES more fruitful than watching idiotic and stereotypical Indonesian series.

My point? If you're gonna stop your children from watching ANY channel on Astro, make those channels Astro Kirana and Ceria (because i can't agree with both the translated versions of English cartoons and the dumb series they put up for the kids to watch)

p/s: this does not mean that I believe High school Musical or Hannah Montana brings any good for little children.



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