Monday, December 21, 2009

all this talk about being with someone for the long haul is making me dizzy...

thinking about marriage kinda scares me now.

there are far too many things to consider before you devote your life to one person.

Will he really love me and stay faithful for the rest of his life? Will he be able to provide for me? Will he choose to resort to violence when things get tough? Will he be able to guide me? Will he stifle me and choose never to let me work or have friends once we're married? Will he be able to give me support when I'm down and out? Will he have the ability to hold a proper conversation with me for the years to come?

God knows, the questions that run through my mind right now are endless.

But really, will I ever come to a point in my life when I find someone with whom I can spend my life? I mean, I don't wanna end up marrying someone who doesn't know what to say to me when he gets back from work, or worse, doesn't work and expects me to be the bread-winner. I don't want to marry a person who tells me I can't go to work because I love working and it's something I want to do. I don't want to be with a person who wouldn't support me or someone who would leave me hanging when things get bad.

Maybe I REALLY shouldn't consider marriage AT ALL.
Senang, kan?


misteriaku said...

xsenang xsusah,, huhu.. i nk kawen gak, tp selagi xde calon, i xboleh kawen. tp i x rasa, if i ada calon pon, i akan pk kawen. cz i takut nk kawen.. takut org xsetia..huhu.. dilemma~

african goddess said...

i rasa issue ni memang susah for most girls. banyak benda to consider


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