Saturday, December 19, 2009

how much smarter will they get?

Johnson; Age: 2+

John: Knife!

Me: yes, Johnson. Knife. Don't touch.

John: Cannot touch! If touch then cut my hand ah!

Me: clever boy. Don't play with the knife okay?

John: Knife to cut onions! Bad people take knife and CUT people!

Me: YES! Knife to cut onions. Good boy.

John: Police catch bad people when bad people cut people ah?

Me: yes. Are you a bad person or a good person?

John: Johnson good boy.

Me: can good boys play with knives?

John: No..

Me: Can good boys cut people?

John: No.

Me: Can good boys cut onions?

John: Yes!!!


Max J. Potter said...

you're invited!

african goddess said...

thank you :)


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