Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Rouse me from my deep dead sleep,
Awaken my sleepy senses,
Wake me so that I may weep,
These tears I've kept so long.

Raise my body to the sunlight,
And wake me from my slumber,
Revive my soul so I may fight,
The fight I almost lost.

Shake me up and wake me,
Wake me with your kiss,
Wake me so I may laugh again,
So I may feel joy and bliss.

Wake me up so I may live again.
Wake me up so I may love again.


Malaywood said...

just said goodbye to a relationship that lasted for 4 days.and i was crying and crying.crying even more reading this poem.

you made my day =)

african goddess said...

i did?

hee :) good if i did.
i hope you're okay sweetie.
funny you should comment on this. i was kinda thinking of writing a poem about you...i haven't done it though.

i'll get down to it ASAP

Malaywood said...

aww darling
that is really sweet xxxx

african goddess said...

:) i'll put it up when it's done okay?



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