Friday, January 29, 2010

new love

"hey baby, where you at?" he said.
"just arrived. trip took two hours more than planned," she said.
"oh, must be beat," he said.
"i am...tired as hell,"she said.
"you should rest then," he said.
"but i want to talk..." she said.
"we can always talk later," he said.
"yeah..." she said.
"we can talk in our dreams," he said.
"i know we will," she said.
"you rest, okay?" he said.
"okay sweetie" she said.
"i'll see you soon," he said.
"yup, in dreamland," she said.
"you take care dear," he said.
"you take care too," she said.
"i love you," they said.


caterina_912 said...

That's so romantic!! And so,so sweet!! Wish I had a guy like that.. Hehe.. Again,nice work babe! (^_^)

african goddess said...

thank you :)

sigh...figments of imaginations can cause stress sometimes

Malaywood said... romantic.i love it!

p/s : suke part dream tuh.tak tahan ok!

african goddess said...

haha :)
thanks for loving it.
didn't think it was love-worthy


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