Tuesday, January 19, 2010

scattered thoughts

I catch my breath when you walk by,

Amazing me with your sweet slow smile,
My thoughts fly,
Recovery takes awhile.

Think, think, think...
I close my eyes and think of what to say,
what to say to make you sway my way,
what to say to make you stay.

But you're a free soul,
A fleeting luxury,
And nothing I could say or do,
Would make you want to stay with me.


Luna said...

Hey you, saya sedang jatuh cinta dengan awak, maka saya mahu tahu, awak mahu kapel dengan saya tak?

Amacam? :p

african goddess said...


jom :)

caterina_912 said...

I like this piece the most..
It's so... *speechless*
Do right more Fatin..
You're really good at it..

african goddess said...

thank you kat... :)
i just re-started so i'm a bit rusty


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