Monday, January 18, 2010

selamat tidur dunia...

the last sms i received tonight was this:

"Please perform your prayers sincerely and honestly, without fail. Please treat this seriously. Allah will only help those who help themselves. Allah must be your number 1 priority, no compromise. Allah maha mengetahui, Allah maha melihat. Tanamkan ni dalam hati, you pasti takkan sesat jalan, insyAllah."

My dad would probably say that I tell everyone everything sampai sms pun nak bagi tahu orang lain, but this was just something i felt i should share.

Good night everyone.
May you only have pretty dreams tonight.


Luna said...


african goddess said...

kenapa senyum?

Luna said...

simple things that make you smile. salah satunya kebaikan hati.

african goddess said...

oh :)


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