Monday, February 22, 2010

a love that lasts a lifetime

" I sometimes have a weird feeling with regard to you - especially when you are near me, as now: it is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame. And if that boisterous channel, and two 
hundred miles or so of land come broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapt; and then I've a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly. As for you, - you'd forget me." 

" Have I not found her friendless, and cold, and comfortless? Will I not guard, and cherish and solace her? Is there not love in my heart and constancy in my resolves? I will expiate at God's tribunal. I know my Maker sanctions what I do. For the world's judgement - I wash my hands thereof. For man's opinion - I defy it."

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte.



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