Saturday, March 27, 2010


I breathe you in deep
and taste you as you fill my lungs
your poison smoke seeps through me
circles in my every nerve
through every vein
tracing little tingles of pleasure
all over me

your caramel scent burns
into my fingers and stays
on every inch of my skin

your taste envelopes my mouth
and lingers
like an unforgettable first kiss
sweet and surprising
all at once

as i exhale you
a calm sweeps through me—

and as you become my greatest addiction,
quitting you becomes impossible.

you are my bad habit.


Luna said...

like niccotine addiction, worse because i keep on thinking you won't harm me like a drug would.
addicted nevertheless.

ps: i quit.

african goddess said...

don't quit me.
i'll harm you slowly and quietly, i promise


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