Thursday, March 4, 2010

the ugly ugly truth

izzati_noris: it's the little things that keep me going la annuar
 because nobody else will push you, you have to learn to push yourself
 and that's how i do it
 but i'm still here

Annuar: betul
 life is so lonely.
 you have to push yourself.

izzati_noris: yeah

Annuar: mati pun sorang sorang

izzati_noris: people keep saying that no man's an island
 they must  be blind
 we're all islands
 surrounded by vast seas
 yeah we talk about our problems
 yeah we share experiences
 yeah we hold somebody when we sleep
 but when we think, we think alone
 when we grieve, no matter how much we talk about it, our grief is our own
 and no matter how happy, or how sad, or how ambitious we may be, those are all our own
 and nobody else's

sometimes i say things i didn't even know i was thinking


Diyana said...

ooh woww :)

izzati, kenapa your blog tak keluar dalam my "recently updated blogs", padahal i dah lama add. :(

p/s: i miss annuar.

african goddess said...

why're you wowing sayang?

ntah...blogspot its weird sometimes.

i miss him too


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