Monday, May 17, 2010

through the eye of a good quality lense

do you know where I'm going with this, Abah?

Nikon D3000 is currently sold at RM 1999 with all the basic accessories.

Yes, I know it's widely becoming a trend to carry a DSLR around your neck even when you can't take a single decent picture, but that's not why I want the camera. Truth be told, ever since I was a child, I've been very fascinated by the things people can capture with a camera. And most of the time, any camera would do, but we both know that a quality camera does so much more. I'm eager to learn the right techniques, anticipating the acquisition of new skills, and looking forward to finally seeing the world in a different way.

Maybe one day :)

For now, I'll just have to wait patiently until my pocket's full of dough. Haha.


Max J. Potter said...

i have a canon powershot 7.1 mp. and i'm very happy with it. XD hehe.

but i like dslrs too!

you a photographer?

izzati noris said...

hahaha. My family's trustee olympus from six or five years ago is still serving its purpose very well, actually. It takes beautiful pictures and 4.0 megapixel serves the basic purpose of a camera.

Just wanted to upgrade to something much better :) No, not really. Not that type of a photographer anyway. Haha. But i do love taking good pictures.


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