Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bumbu Desa: A Food Review

My sister Jehan, bought us lunch a few weeks back to celebrate her graduation. Stepping into the double doors of Bumbu Desa in The Curve--with the Indonesian tradition inspired interior, the smiling faces of the simply dressed hosts and servers, the traditional Indonesian music playing softly overhead, and the smell of authentic Indonesian food wafting around us--we couldn't help but to instantly feel transported to Indonesia.


We were brought to our seats then asked to choose our dishes from the spread. My mom picked out the fried talapia, ayam panggang, begetil, sambal terung, ulam with cabai ijeu, and a mushroom dish I can't recall the name of, and these were all served with a pot of hot rice. The dishes were all scrumptious. The crunchy talapia, paired with the soft mushroom, the succulent begetil, and the shock-to-the-brain spicy cabai ijeu was perfect. And the ayam panggang was so good, I practically ate the bones. My mother said, it tasted exactly like the food she ate in Indonesia.

look at that spread! you'd wish you could eat it all

our dishes of choice

For dessert, we had their pulut durian. To put it in as few words as possible, the durian sauce was cooked to perfection. It was the right amount of sweet and because we shared the dessert, we had a spoon war to get the most of the pulut durian.

the scrump-didly-icious pulut durian

our drinks

All in all, Bumbu Desa was satisfaction all in one; great food, good ambiance, and fantastic service.

Thanks Jay for the meal! :)

the faces of satisfied customers :)
we'll definitely be going back



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