Sunday, July 11, 2010

selagi boleh menyumbang

My sister who's currently working in one of the Big 4s of accounting firms has a colleague who plays 4 different sports for the company. When my sister commented that he's "gila kuasa" for is excessive participation, he said "Eh, mestilah! Selagi boleh menyumbang!"

I found myself thinking, "huh...if only every employee thinks this way." What's so refreshing about what he said is that this guy, is not worrying about what the company can do for him. He's thinking about what HE can do for the company, which is rare. I have witnessed so many mistakes made by employees simply because they think their jobs aren't worthy and that the company is not doing enough for them.

You see, we are often so selfish in life that we tend to forget that "giving = getting". All we keep thinking about is "ME". We don't realize that if we work well, we get more. If we perform and uphold the good name of our employers, we gain respect and possibly a bonus too. No. What we do, is complain about how tiring our jobs are and how the pay is never enough. Well...think about this: maybe your pay isn't enough because you're not doing enough.

So, ladies and gentlemen, selagi boleh menyumbang, why not? Right?



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