Saturday, August 28, 2010

Company Iftar at Halia (in Sime Darby Convention Centre)

It has become a tradition of sorts for Ingeniouscare Sdn. Bhd. to hold a buka puasa dinner for its employees during Ramadhan. Since I first joined the company, our pick for the company dinner every single year has been Halia, in Sime Darby Convention Centre.

This year, we made no changes to our plans and pre-booked 4 tables at the Ramadhan buffet in Sime Darby two months prior to the occasion. While we've always been pretty happy with the food they serve, we took notice that every year, the seating grew in number and the buffet lines got longer and longer. This time around, Sime Darby opened its doors to a crowd of 700pax per night. And at the rate of RM 70/pax, they were making a hell of a lot of money.

Although the buffet spread is more extensive this year compared to other years –expanding from the generic Malay food to roast lamb, to Yee Sang and Dim Sum—we still much prefer the original way they did things; small crowd, good food. I guess with 699 others racing to get the same dish, you just figure in the end that it’s not worth the fight, especially when you feel full after 3 bites anyway (a disease I managed to catch since Ramadhan started—go figure!).

But, in the spirit of good cheer and merriment, we made the best of it. And I ate enough to make me feel not only bloated but positively brimming and on the verge of sickness (Alhamdulillah…I think?).

with Mikhaila, doing our "perempuan Melayu terakhir" pose

the big boss and her kids 

the team that holds the four forts down 

the young generation ;p

that's most absolutely the worst face she's ever made for a photo. that girl...

We will definitely make it a point NOT to go there again next year and find good cheer elsewhere.


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