Tuesday, August 31, 2010

interesting nights don't actually have to include being with a man ;)

I just had, one of THE MOST interesting nights in my entire lifetime. Hahah. So many adventures, all in a few hours. Admittedly, most of it included gastronomic adventures, but it still included some things I've never been through before.

It all first started when we were on the way to our first destination for the night. While driving out to Tamarind Springs in Ampang, the front tyre of our car got punctured. What luck. We were five minutes away from iftar and of course the car had to have troubles right THAT moment. We drove a few metres up and stopped at a petrol station to change the wheels. We were lucky to have stopped by a station that was close to a mechanic-place-thing, whatever you call it, and have two, not so strong but very helpful men, help us fix the spare tyre in because the ONE guy we had wih us was practically useless (heheh. No offense, Hazeman)

abang-abang penyelamat

When the tyre was finally fixed, we head back out and on the way to Tamarind Springs, we saw a bunch of pigs coming out of the woods!!! (I mean, how often does THAT happen?!) They were tame (for some reason) and were eating food off the hands of several men standing around feeding them pigs. So we slowed down the car and took a picture—a very unclear one at that and drove off again.

baaabbiiiiiiiii! no, i mean, literally!!!

Tamarind Springs was nestled in a richly thick jungle-like place with loads of greenery and water features. The walkway from the main entrance to the restaurant was lined with candles and dimly-lit, giving off an ambiance of romance and mystery. We ordered four diferent dishes and enjoyd our meal (I’ll review some other time). When we finished, we headed out to Subang Jaya to go to the Empire Shopping Galery. Our mission: to try out macaroons in Whisk. We got there as the cafe was closing but the owners and shop-keepers were kind enough to accommodate us, even when it meant that they had to close the store half an hour late. Plus, one of the waiter guys was cute :p

Tamarind Springs, Ampang

We left Whisk after devouring ten macaroons, a huge helping of red velvet cake, a bagel, two cups of tea, a glass of OJ, and a bottle of really tangy-yummy pomegranate flavoured sparkling juice, and headed out to Baskin Robbins to get two pints of ice-cream. We sat in the store and enjoyed every spoonful of ice-cream till we hit the bottom of both pints.

Whisk, Subang

Baskin Robbins

We ended the celebration with a really crappy game of bowling in Wangsa Walk. Hazeman won because of all the years we’ve known him, this is apparently the only thing he does and does well that’s manly in nature.

Hazeman menang!!!!! BOOOOOOO!!!!

Dah, habis cerita. Hahaha.

All in all, it was a great night. We enjoyed ourselves very much, and hope that the birthday girl had an awesome 21st with us.



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