Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my mistake

In the name of Allah, the Loving and the Merciful

Dear God,

I've been asking for the wrong thing every time I pray. I've been asking for you to bring me happiness. I've been asking you to make things easier for me. I've been asking you to light up my path.

Today, I ask you for something new.

Dear God,

Grant me time so I may learn to be grateful for all that you have given me and more; grant me strength so in times of hardship and adversities, I may smile and push forward; grant me patience so that in my search for the path that you have set for me, I do not falter.

God, grant me a wealth of kind words, comforting arms, and a heart that is open to accept differences so that I may bring others happiness and hopefully, through that, find my own.

Verily, you are the one who hears and grants all prayers.




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