Saturday, November 29, 2008


lets face it,

many parts of the book were cut out, lots of scenes were changed, rosalie is not as drop dead gorgeous as i'd imagined her to be, jasper just looked shocked throughout the movie, they didn't look fast enough, and sometimes, due to the fact that they wanted to tell the whole story in two hours, the script just...wasn't right.

BUT...the book aside, alice and emmet were a perfect fit, their house was GORGEOUS, and, considering the time constrain, they did quite a good job.

my suggestion: when watching the movie, forget the book. that way you'll enjoy it better.


Farah Razif said...

I saw the baseball scene on youtube (couldn't resist haha) and Jasper looked hot twirling the bat.
So I think, I'm going to be ok about Jasper. At least.

african goddess said...

well, that was ONE scene.
you should really see him throughout the rest of it.
we'll watch it together when you're back k? :)

Anonymous said...

it happens lot of time.. book>movie=DISASTER....

yeah the only remedy is to forget the book when watching the movie version..


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