Tuesday, December 2, 2008

mr. titanium

my titanium daddy took out the bandages that were on his thighs this morning.

i still haven't showed you guys what his arm looks like now.
so here goes:-

as can be seen quite clearly here, his hand is quite swollen.
he still can't move it much which i know is depressing him.
before he was discharged from the hospital last week, they moved his arm wrongly by accident and his broken bones that were originally in their rightful places got dislocated and now his shoulder can't be moved the way it could before.
they can't do anything about the bones until after the skin has fully healed.
so, in conclusion, his used to be pretty functional arm is now very immobile.

this is what his thigh from which they took the skin looks like. thedoctor said its, and i quote, "beautiful". i think it is too. the skin's healing beautifully and he can walk quite comfortably now. it's good to see him up and about.

however, mr'titanium's getting cranky. i can actually understand why--being stuck in the house all day, who wouldn't be, right?


noriskandar said...

luv u darling.....

african goddess said...

i love you too :)

Natasha Ismail said...

eh, kenapa jadi macam ni

izzati noris said...

natasha, my dad was in an accident. that's the result of it


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