Wednesday, March 18, 2009

could it be?

Is it possible that I, Fatin izzati Noriskandar, am DEPRESSED (apparently it's a clinical problem and i need to identify it)?

See, yesterday i came across an article in the NST (yes, Abah, i read the papers yesterday) that spoke about depression. here are some of the symptoms that were mentioned:

1. Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness -okay so i don't have this. I've been born naturally pessimistic...unless...did my pessimism increase? well, not that i know of. (cross)

2. Loss of interest in daily activities - right. i admit I've been quite uninterested lately. everything's just whatever je to me. (check)

3. Appetite or weight changes - as aforementioned, WEIGHT GAIN IS A MAJOR PROBLEM in my life right now. I just CAN'T stop eating. (check)

4. Sleep changes - i sleep a LOT more than usual now. It's all i do. I come back from class and i need to sleep, latest at 4pm and the earliest I'd wake up from that sleep is 6. Then i get sleepy again by 10-ish. And i ALWAYS wake up late. Do you see my problem? (check)

5. Psychomotor agitation or retardation - Yes, i have been feeling excessively sluggish and lazy lately. (check)

6. Loss of energy - Definitely. I'm constantly tired and fatigued. (check)

7. Self-loathing - haha. Me? Self-loathe? ME? NAAHH! (cross)

8. Concentration problems - I absolutely cannot sit still...kecuali on the bed when i'm sleeping...even then, not really. (check)

9. Constantly irritated or enraged - Ask Tina. She would know. (check)

10. Suicidal feelings or feelings that life is not worth living - NO EFFING WAY (cross)

Result = 7 out of 10???!!!!!!



keTiDaks3mPurNaAn_Luna said...

no harm checking.. seriously.

african goddess said...

the thought of being depresed depresses me.
the irony

keTiDaks3mPurNaAn_Luna said...


be happy then, nuff said


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