Monday, March 9, 2009

for sale

alrightie then people.
lets get down to business shall we?
i have a fisheye 2 that i wanna sell and i'm selling it for ONLY RM 180
which is dirt cheap considering i only used it for a short while.
buying a new one would cost you RM 260 so this is me being kind.
after all's said and done, hoewever, the price IS negotiable.
please inform me if you're interested.

features and differences when compared to the first fisheye:

1. the body of fisheye 2 is more solid, as you can already see.

2. it's got a flash as compared to the first fisheye which didn't have one. this means you can take cool pictures with your fisheye at night too :)

3. the viewer, which is the round, subamarine-ish thing at the top, is removable and that means you can take it off and replace it with a colorsplash flash and make your fisheye effect even cooler with the added colorsplash effect!

4. it's got the bub (i'm not sure how to spell this but you'll understand once i explain if you're a photography enthusiast) feature which means you can hold on to the clicker thingy for a long time and it'll capture the movements. which means, if you stood at the side of the street and did this, you'll get the blurry effect of cars passing by.

5. it also has the reverse film feature which means, once you've taken a picture, you can reverse the film and take another picture and when you've processed the film, the picture will come out with a layer effect.

cool right!?
so worth 180 ringgit.

reply here and i'll give you the details OR e-mail me at with your details and i'll call you back OR if you already have my number, just give me a buzz :)


emam said...

waaa..jgn cakap awak dah jual

ShaMytO said...

i'm still blur wif dis LOMO Fish eye camera..

is dis camera digital or kene gune film n cuci macam gune kamera lame dulu??

pardon my ignorance ya!
x tanye sesat jalan pule nnti..=p

Natasha Ismail said...

ada lagi??
ke dah jual, pasaal post ni dah lama.
gembar dia betul2 cantik ke.
apasal nak jual

izzati noris said...

haha. sorry. its been sold. like...mid last year


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