Wednesday, May 12, 2010

something smells fishy

I had a relatively good day yesterday; an ordinary day filled with ordinary things that provided me with an extraordinary sense of joy...somehow. And even though i had my fever and whatnot, it was still a good day.
Even the classes were okay. I scored 15/20 for my Arab quiz (although that involved a large amount of tiru-ing) and I think I did pretty well for my LOP quiz as well.

This was my day in picture :)

in spite of our colour differences, we're still good friends :p

i have decided to make Wani my personal canvas. haha.

this was Wani trying to rock out the brand new "Rempit tattoo"

yes, we were awfully hungry...

oh...big plates are almost always good :)-- diet? what diet?!

our current favourite dessert, CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS!!!!

Wani had free coupons for Reborn's Fish Spa which originally costs RM 38 for a 20 minute treatment. Waste not, want not my darlings :) We decided to use 'em up before they expire. Ya geli. We were all trying to contain our laughter throughout the first 15 minutes.

the fishies swarmed my feet!!!!!

they were trying so hard to stop from laughing.

my feet and Wani's feet (couldn't get a picture of Nadal's since we were too far apart)

I had fun girlies :) thank you for making my ordinary day extraordinary. You girls are real gems




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