Thursday, May 27, 2010

the words that they have said, the secrets they have told

You are special. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

"you've always been one sparkly and bright, so, being lame kadang-kadang is fine"

-Miss Gator-

"the someones who are there are like bonuses.

but in the end, we're so awesome on our own"


"You put in so much for your friends, for your kids, for those you love,

how could you ever figure yourself out to be somebody unkind?"

"you're something else you know. :) 

don't let others tell you pretentious is a bad quality. 'cause it's not. being an intelligent woman is not a crime."

-Gleek of the Century-


Luna said...


Yes Miss Croc, it's alright.

I wonder what tasto would mean?

izzati noris said...



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