Thursday, May 27, 2010


Question: When did it become okay for 13 year old or 19 year old teenagers to handle guns and knives, buy bazookas online, and become serial killers?

(Chloe Moretz)

She's 13, seriously. And I have no idea how much younger she was when filming was in progress. Her character expertly handled knives and guns. In one scene, she was flying in the air, holding one gun in each hand and changing ammo (in the AIR!!!!!) without even putting her guns down. She beat a bunch of beefy Mafia dudes with her awesome stealth and killer instincts. Well, really, she beat a few bunches of beefy Mafia dudes.

(Christopher Mintz)

Okay, he's 21. Much older than Chloe Moretz, but still. At that age, HE was also handling guns, and helping his Mafia father catch Hit Girl and Big Daddy (btw, what kind of superhero name is BIG DADDY?! It sounds downright WRONG!!). He SHOT a twelve year old! DELIBERATELY!

(Aaron Johnson)

Okay THIS...well, although he mostly didn't do much of the beating up (which is really quite ironic considering he's the main character), he still ended up killing someone, with a bazooka I might the age of 20 no less. And in real life, he is engaged to a 42 year old Sam Taylor Wood, who is currently pregnant, yes, with his child.

WHEN DID THIS BECOME ACCEPTABLE?! I mean, YES, I am very aware that some children face violence at a way earlier age than this. I am aware that there are children who are forced to join the army at the age of 13 or 20, but WHY are we promoting them to those who do not need to face it? Is the world not crazy enough already as it is?



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