Saturday, July 17, 2010

if someone had told me back then that being a doctor was THAT easy, I'd have opened my clinic and earned my millions by now

Last Monday, I was hit by a fan while trying to hang up a curtain (dumb move not switching it off, I know) and although I was only scratched with no excessively large wounds or overflowing blood, I still found it worrisome that some parts of my hand turned blue almost instantly. But since the wound didn't look too bad, I made myself bear with the pain till the next day.

The next morning, I went to the university clinic to check up on my hand as I was still in pain and certain parts of my hand was still blue. Of course, I didn't expect them to tell me it was really bad and that I needed a surgery or anything. But I did expect the doctor to at least look at it for more than two seconds. I found myself disappointed. When I showed my wound to the doc, he took my hand, glanced at it and threw it down onto the table saying "sikit je" and then wrote down a prescription for ponstans.

See, if someone mentioned that all it takes to be a doctor is having the ability and skill to write prescriptions for pain killers, I'd have been a doctor instead of studying linguistics *rolls eyes*.

Service above self, people. I'm paying for yours.


asna ashraff said...

that is the truth... docs know nothing!!!

it is the nurse whom do the job. nurse yang diagnose penyakit patient and doctor only prescribe with HORRIBLE HANDWRITING!!!

and now, gov agreed that nurse can have the opportunity to be the hospital manager, the doctors went amok k!


izzati noris said...

patu nak marah. They do a crap job then get angry when other people get the upper-hand.

I'm so angry. My hand STILL HURTS tau!


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