Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm looking forward to school!!?!

I'm not one to favor UIA much, but as of right now, I can't wait for several reasons:

1. I miss my girls, Wanie, Nadal, and Hazeman (yes, he's a girl) and I'm SO looking forward to seeing them :)

my favourite girls :)

2. I've been eating waaaaaayyy too much and have been slacking off when it comes to keeping myself fit and have therefore gained yet another 2 kilos. Hopefully, when i get back to college, I can start working out and help my fitness some by walking to class and eating less (or at least making healthier choices in what I put on my plate)

3. I want to have my Arab paper re-checked. Nothing to lose here, right?

4. Having failed a paper, I'm kinda psyched about getting back on the saddle and studying my ass off this time around. Lets pray I don't get distracted. And if I do, I officially allow anybody who knows me well enough to give me a tight slap across my face (you better check yourself cuz if I don't regard you as a close friend and you slap me, I promise you I'll rearrange your face).

5. They renovated my mahallah which means, new furniture for me!!!! YAY!!!! hehehe

6. I just want to speed up the graduation process right now, seriously.

So, UIA, be kind to me this time around, yeah? pleaseandthankyou. And to all my UIA peeps, I'll see y'all soon!!!!! :)


Luna said...

see you miss croc!!! XD

izzati noris said...

aight alligator :) see you soon


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