Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ten Day Challenge: Day Two

1. I am completely ignorant of the things that do not interest me.

2. I actually TRULY love the course I'm studying. I just don't like my electives.

3. I'm way too ambitious for it to be good for me. I have dreamt up an elaborate life ahead of me.

4. My biggest fear is never achieving those ambitions.

5. I procrastinate incessantly.

6. I enjoy working with children but sometimes I feel its time to try something new.

7. I want to go bungee jumping.

8. I feel most free and happy when I'm at the beach--I don't know why.

9. I look rough around the edges but I'm actually a girly girl in a lot of ways.


Farah Razif said...

waiting for day 3 so I can win your heart. he he.

izzati noris said...

hahahaha. You don't have to worry about what comes up on day three. You've already won my heart. That's why I stayed friends with you. :p


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