Friday, October 1, 2010

Ten Day Challenge: Day Three

1. Speak good English (I know this sounds conceited but I find men who speak good English so beyond attractive)

2. Charm my family and friends, because they matter to me.

3. Read. I've always loved men who read because men who read have substance.

4. Share your passion with me. Men who have great interest in anything other then who they're sleeping with tonight interest me.

5. Be nice. Its not that hard.

6. Practice common courtesy; because it shows how much you respect those around you, and how you respect others reflects on you as a person.

7. Loosen up. I happen to like fun, intuitive, random people who pretty much go with the flow :) After all, life can't always be planned, right?

8. Have hair like Moose's (Adam Sevani). I'll fall in love with you in a heartbeat :p


iskandar said...

*Good religious background - so he can guide you 'dunia akhirat'

*Life supporter of LFC - so that he will not feel out of place.

izzati noris said...


1. Good religious background is first and foremost. Didn't feel like I need to mention that.

2. Doesn't watch football so that I won't have boring nights :p

(or is that YOUR list of "how to charm Fatin's family"?)


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